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[WAR] Como funciona el Disrupt
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Autor:  Pikhal [ 22/Nov/2008 13:29 ]
Asunto:  [WAR] Como funciona el Disrupt

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I have been curious about disrupt for quite a while now. I have been able to stack 30+ disrupt no problem as a warrior priest. I have chosen to ignore resists for the most part because of it. But the more I PvP, the more I think that disrupt is broken in certain ways. Let me explain..

It would appear to me that the "Disrupt" listed under the defense part of the player tab is the % disrupt for mainly debuffs and dots. I feel that nukes, specifically from sorcs, do not play on these same rules.

With 31 disrupt, that is nearly 1 out of every 3 spells cast on you. But from scrolling through combat logs, there are times where I will not resist a single nuke.


As an engy I run between 10-16 disrupt and with a tactic I can add +10 to me and my party. I had stacked resists to 1000-1100 which is 55%+ reduction before I went to the disrupt gear and have since noticed that resists of 500-600 with 10-16 disrupt is more effective than pure Resists.

Some Sorcs are harder to disrupt than others as stated above due to Int but overall in my opinion it's worth it.

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Cool! thanks for that info, I'll be sure to remember. I have always been a big advocater of avoiding incoming damage over mitigation or absorbing, so having a decent disrupt to me is paramount.

So your disrupt rate is thru +disrupt gear mainly? or have stacked some willpower?

Edit: Also you'll never have zero disrupt as willpower gives disrupt chance...

Willpower / (Level * 7.5 + 50) * .075 * 100 = +% Disrupt spells

As IB I am lucky, 480 willpower buff is pretty awesome,
172 base willpower at R40 + 480 from buff = 14% disrupt chance

Espero que os sirva. A mi para el Swordmaster me viene de perlas :D

Autor:  toyarmo [ 26/Ago/2020 08:02 ]
Asunto:  Re: [WAR] Como funciona el Disrupt

MUchas gracias, tu post me ayudara mucho

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